The Aero Club company has a certificate for continuing airworthiness management (CAMO) No PL.MG.522, issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and a highly qualified team of experts and technicians, ensuring competent and efficient management of continuing aircraft airworthiness. At this, moment, we manage a fleet of Diamond, Piper, Cessna and Pilatus aircraft.

We are authorised to provide the following services:
  • continuing aircraft airworthiness management (CAMO)
  • extending / renewing Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC)
  • development and approval of Technical Maintenance Programs
  • development and approval of Test Flights Programs
  • performing annual analyses of Technical Maintenance Programs
  • assistance in purchase and registration of planes
  • obtaining additional deviations concerning operation of aviation equipment
  • supervision over current documentation
  • development and approval of MEL
  • certification of the operator/user to operate in P-RNAV and RVSM.
Cooperation between the maintenance station and management ensures that our services are provided in an efficient and comprehensive manner. Simultaneous technical support and documentation management reduces to minimum the time needed for performance of planned and unplanned activities and delivery of spare parts.

In line with European and national regulations, all aircraft users ale obliged to manage continuing airworthiness SP. For commercial users, management by certified continuing airworthiness management CAMO centres also is mandatory. In case of private users, since the introduction of PART M regulations on 28th September, 2009, it is recommended to entrust management to certified centres, though it is not mandatory, if the user is able to prove to the competent authority that his/her knowledge is sufficient for performing management tasks on his/her own. 



JB Investments LTD

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Aero Club Sp. z o.o.
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