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Aero Club Sp. z o. o. is one of the largest general aviation maintenance stations in Poland. It started its operation in 2001 on the basis of IKSCP certificate No 078/01 according to 03/95 and then a ULC certificate according to 03/2004. For meeting European standards concerning aircraft maintenance services, it was granted Maintenance Organisation Part-145 Certificate with number PL.145.014 (valid for an unspecified period of time).

We have a very wide range of approval of aircraft – from the most popular planes in Poland, Cessna (172, 182, 206), Diamond (DV20, DA20, DA40) or Piper (PA-28, PA-32, PA-34) to rare Maule (M-7, MT-7) and Aviat (A-1C Husky) to exclusive such as Pilatus PC-12, Piper Malibu Matrix and Mirage or Diamond DA42 Twin Star. The process of constant development of our company results in constant widening of the range of the aircraft we support – as one of few companies in Poland, we provide maintenance services for technologically advanced planes, such as Liberty XL-2 or Cessna 350/400 Corvalis. We are one of the six existing in Europe maintenance centers of the luxury Pilatus brand.

From 2017 we also hold Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate Part-145 under State Aviation Administration of Ukraine no. UA.145.0612. The range of aircraft maintenanced is almost equal to the one in Poland.

We have a large service area and excellent hangar equipment, which allows us to provide aircraft-related services at the highest level, ensuring safety. We may offer professional level of services thanks to our highly-skilled technical personnel with long-standing experience in servicing various types of aircraft.

The main technical base of Aero Club in Konstancin-Jeziorna is nest to a perfectly groomed grass runway, ensuring comfort for our customers. At the same time, technical facilities make it possible to perform repairs also outside the main technical base, ensuring quick support in case of failures and flexibility in selection of dates and scope of maintenance work.





JB Investments LTD

Obory 100
05-510 Konstancin - Jeziorna

tel. 22 736 99 19
fax: 22 736 99 18

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N 52° 04' 59''
E 21° 11' 55''

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JB Investments Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Redutowa 10
01-103 Warszawa

Tax Identyfication Number (NIP): 5210120523
Statistical Identification Number (REGON): 011054757
NCR (National Court Register): 0000190340
Bank: ING Bank Śląski O/Warszawa, Account number : 43 1050 1054 1000 0022 0104 1007

Aero Club Sp. z o.o.
Obory 100
05-510 Konstancin - Jeziorna

Tax Identyfication Number (NIP): 123-10-35-571
Statistical Identification Number (REGON): 017229287
NCR (National Court Register): 0000004524
Bank: Pekao S.A., Numer konta: 61 1240 6351 1111 0000 4809 6591

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