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Privacy Policy for JB Investments sp. z o.o. & Aero Club sp. z o.o.
JB Investments sp. z o.o. and Aero Club sp. z o.o. pay special attention in respect of the privacy of users visiting website. In order to apply the rules of lawfulness, fairness and transparency in relation to processing your data while using our Services, we present this document named Privacy Policy.
Who is the controller of your data? How to contact us?
The joint controllers of your data while visiting are companies JB Investments sp. z o.o., ul. Redutowa 10, 01-108 Warsaw, NIP: 5210120523 („JB Investments”) and Aero Club sp. z o.o., Obory 100, 05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna, NIP: 1231035571 („Aero Club”). (art. 26 GDPR)
In case of any queries regarding your data and the laws you are entitled to, please contact us on or
What kind of data is processed by JB Investments and Aero Club? What is the purpose of processing?
JB Investments and Aero Club are not collecting any data in regards to users that did not use the contact form or did not establish contact via e-mail address available in Contact section while visiting the website. At the time gathering of information is limited to anonymous technical information collected only for statistics purposes, such as IP address, type of browser, operational system, visited subpages of our service. Data collected in log journals are used only for the purpose of system administration.
JB Investments and Aero Club are processing only the data given by users via the contact form or users contacting us directly on one of the e-mail addresses available in contact section. Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract or in order to take appropriate steps prior to entering into a contract (art. 6 pt. 1b GDPR). On this legal basis we collect anonymous data in the same way as regarding users who do not contact us and additionally: name, address, telephone and e-mail address.
How long does JB Investments and Aero Club store your data?
Your data are stored only for sales, information or other form of cooperation purposes. They are stored since the moment we have received your request for contact for the next 6 months, after this period your data will be rendered anonymous in such a manner, that the data subject is not or no longer identifiable. If you will be interested in our offer, your data will be processed basing on separate consent provided along with the contract.
If you have given consent for processing your data for marketing and promotion purposes it will be stored for 15 years since the day of giving consent.
Data of users, who are only visiting our website are stored as long as the lifespan of cookies files saved on device. You can find details regarding cookies files in the Cookies Policy.
What are your rights in regards to processing your data by JB Investments and Aero Club?
Right to withdraw the consent – You can withdraw your consent at any time. The withdrawal does not influence the processing of data before it has been noted (art. 7 pt. 3 GDPR).
Right to erasure (right to be forgotten) – You can request deleting all or part of your data at any time, although it is necessary to withdraw the consent at first and also for the processing to become unnecessary with regards to further completion of the order. Despite requesting erasure of data by
objecting or withdrawing the consent, we can save some data in scope necessary to establish, vindicate and/or defense the claims. It refers especially to data such as name, address and history of application. (art. 17 GDPR).
Right to restriction of processing – at any time you can demand restriction of processing of your data for a specified amount of time, for example in relation to processing for marketing and promotion purposes. (art. 18 GDPR).
Right of access by the data subject – You have the right to receive a confirmation from us if we are currently processing your data. If yes, you have also the right to:
- Gain access to your data;
- Gain information about the purposes of processing, categories of processed data, receivers or categories of receivers of data, planned period of storage of the data or the criteria of planning the period, rights that apply to You on the legal basis of GDPR and also the right to present your claims to President of UODO
- Receive the copy of your data (art. 15 GDPR).
Right to rectification – at any time you have the right to rectify and complement your data (art. 16 GDPR).
Right to data portability – You have right to receive your data and transfer them to another collector of data, for example to another operator of similar services. You also have the right to request us to send your data to another collector instead of you, if it is technically possible.
When are we able to respond to your request?
Once you will present your request to us, we will fulfill your needs or reject the demands immediately, although not later than in 1 week time after we receive the request. If the request will be complicated enough for us to cause delays we will fulfill or reject it in a month, previously informing you about the planned delay and deadline.
Reporting of claims, inquiries and requests
You can report to us claims, inquiries and requests regarding processing your data. If you feel your right to protect your data or other GDPR law has been violated, you have the right to present your claims to president of UODO.
Cookies files
Details regarding usage of cookies files are in Cookies Policy.



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