Pilatus PC-12 NGX is one of the most popular turboprop business aircraft in the world at the moment.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX is the successor of one of the most popular turboprop business aircraft in the world model NG. Since the beginning of its production in 1994, more than 1,000 planes have been sold all over the world, including over 10 in Poland. There are several features that make the PC-12 NGX unbeatable in comparison with other turboprop aircraft or even small and medium jet planes. Cost-effectiveness and comfort are its main assets. As regards the parameters of the pressurized and spacious cockpit (length: 5.16m, width:1.52m, height: 1.47m), they are by no means inferior to medium sized jet planes. Which makes the Pilatus even more comfortable is the possibility to freely configure the interior, with 9 seats, passenger door with stairs and separate cargo-type luggage door that make it easier to load even untypical loads. Unlike jet aircraft, the Pilatus can easily take off from any airfield, including not hardened airfields and cover without landing even up to 3,000km at an average speed of 537 km an hour. PC-12 NGX operating cost amounts to only half of the operating cost of a small jet plane. The plane is powered by the reliable Pratt&Whitney PT-6A turbine engine with 1200 SHP power reduced from 1744 SHP. Thanks to the reduction, the engine is not overloaded and is covered by a 5-year warranty, up to 2,500h. The PC-12 NGX owes its reputation also to its unusual versatility, performance and reliability. Apart from the typically business use, PC-12 is also used as a transport plane, ambulance or for special government missions.


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  • Max range 3417 KM
  • Speed 528 KM/H
  • Seating capacity 11
  • Useful load 3076 KG
  • Fuel consumption 257 l/H
  • Max load 1684 KG
  • Engine Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67P
  • Horsepower 1200 KM
  • Propeller Hartzell 4-łopatowe
  • Length 14,4 m
  • Height 4,26 m
  • Wingspan 16,29 m
  • Max takeoff weight 4740 kg
  • Takeoff distance over 15 m obstacle 808 m
  • Landing distance over 15 m obstacle 558 m
  • Max cruise speed 280 KTS
  • Maximum seating capacity 8-11



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